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About Us

Our Vision

Moxilicious is not just another shoe company. Quality is the number one priority for us and there’s no better way to guarantee quality than to build the moccasins from scratch right here in Dubai. With toxin free genuine leather imported from Italy, and design concepts by the team, we have manufactured the shoes locally. This allows us to ensure the best handmade quality within reasonable prices, and we are always in control when it comes to the designs and keeping the moccasins trendy.


Our Product

Moxilicious moccasins are soft sole shoes that are not only comfortable and trendy, but are also easy to put on and stay on your child’s foot. Our shoe designs undersign the expert’s statement that the shoes of pre-walkers and toddlers should not only protect their feet but also be breathable, lightweight and flexible to encourage the natural foot development. Our moccasins come in a wide variety of different colors to suit every occasion. Whether it’s a morning stroll in the park or a wedding invite we have the moccs for you. Moxilicious currently offer 30 different colors and designs fit for boys and girls with plans to introduce more lovely colors and designs in the future.


The benefits of soft sole shoes include:

  • Flexibility - you should be able to bend the shoe easily.
  • Comfort – the baby’s foot must move freely within the shoe.
  • Practicality - an easy-on, easy-off solution for a fidgeting baby.
  • Protection – a child’s foot should be protected from the ever-present danger of foreign bodies. Splinters, rocks, glass, dirt, bugs and rough floors all pose dangers to your baby’s sensitive feet at home as well as outdoors.
  • Breathable material – The ideal shoe for a baby is one that allows the foot to breathe, preventing feet sweating that is common in babies and toddlers
  • Walking support - The thin soles allow your baby's toes to grip the floor as they would if he went barefoot, and gain a sense of balance and coordination
  • Durability – Leather shoes tend to live longer than their synthetic equivalent, they are also very easy to maintain.